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O U R   T E A M

Owner & Chef

Chef Lori Terry grew up in an Irish/Dutch family, where she learned at an early age that healthy eating was an essential part to a happy life. She began her career as a personal chef in 2003 shortly after visiting Paris and found herself weeping over her salmon in beurre blanc sauce. This unforgettable experience paired with her healthy eating habits unlocked her inner-chef.


For 19 years, Chef Lori has been cooking for private families and individuals in the Chicagoland area. She currently resides in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin which is located in Door County.  


Lori enjoys traveling all over Europe experiencing the many cultures, tastes and culinary styles. She often visits local street markets and learns international food traditions from local cooks. Most recently, Lori had the pleasure of cooking alongside chefs in Tuscany, Italy and Valencia, Spain.


Throughout the year, Lori is honored to donate private dinner parties to auctions benefiting charities she is passionate about.


The Best Head Chef

Chef Ollen's life-long love of culinary tradition began in small town Michigan, where during the holidays he worked with his mother in the kitchen late into the night, preparing their holiday meal. He revelled in the experience they shared together, waiting for her to get home from her second shift job to begin the preparation of desserts, savories and sauces. 


As a young-adult, he cooked in his off-hours for family and friends, serving holiday feasts, parties and gatherings. Ollen earned a degree in Computer Science and began working in IT, but found he was continually drawn back into the kitchen. In the 2001 he decided to take a risk and follow his culinary dream. After working at various restaurants where he honed his culinary skills, he decided to try his hand in the catering part of the business.  That's where he met Lori Terry she was the catering manager at the restaurant.   When Lori decided to leave he was promoted to manager and worked there until the restaurant closed in 2006.   


Ollen then decided it was time to start his own catering and personal chef business.   His business was thriving and keeping him busy, but when Lori called to asked for help starting her meal delivery service he readily agreed.  The partnership, three years strong now, has expanded into other culinary services.


Ollen's love of food is what make his job so enjoyable and he enjoys sharing that food with his clients, friends and family.

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