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What is Crave Cuisine?


Crave Cuisine is a healthy food caterer that specializes in: weekly meal preparation/delivery on Mondays to your home or office; catering of private social events (dinner parties, weddings, cooking classes) and in-home chef prepared meals.


What makes Crave Cuisine stand out of from other delivery programs?

Our chef has 12 years of experience letting her know that different people have different taste buds.  This has helped Lori create a collection of dishes that are appealing, exciting and inventive for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.  We are flexible, local, personal, fun & super "into" food.  Chefs Lori & Ollen take their time forging the city for ingredients to bring you healthy flavorful food in convenient packaging.  We personally shop for each and every ingredient to ensure quality and freshness.  We are accessible for questions and are happy to talk anytime.  We are also part of the network, where you can order items from multiple Chicago artisans and Artizone will deliver it all to you!  Click on the Artizone link on our "weekly healthy meal delivery" page to view Artizone.


Basic information on the Healthy Meal Delivery Program


How does the weekly healthy meal delivery service work?

·         Check our website ( to see our menu for next Monday's delivery.

·         Click on order now & select your meals (there are no minimum orders!).

·         Receive your fresh made meals on Monday afternoon & reheat with the provided instructions.

·         Eat & enjoy!


Is there an order deadline?

Yes, all orders must be received by 9pm Friday.  If you missed the deadline, please call/text chef Lori to see if she can accommodate a late order.  In many cases, we still can fit it in.


Is there a minimum order?

There are no minimum orders, commitments or contracts.  Order as you please!  Busy peoples' schedules change week to week, so no worries if you need to take a break.  We will be here when you are hungry and ready for us!


How much do the meals cost?

Entrees are $18

Soups are $6 

Smoothies are $5

Granola bars are $10 for 8 bars

Dips are $5-$6 

Crudités (raw cut vegetables) are $8

Fruit (combination of seasonal fruit) are $8

Kid's meals range from $6-$10

Breakfasts range from $5-$7

Lunch salads are $10

Lunch wraps are $9

Our prices are subject to change based upon availability &/or seasonality.  We may offer a premium priced item once in a while.


How long does the food stay fresh?

We recommend that you eat the following meals within these many days for peak freshness

Meal                                           Days

Seafood/fish meals                    2 

Pork/chicken/beef/turkey         5

Casseroles                                  7 or freeze for later date

Soups                                         7 or freeze for later date

Smoothies                                 5 

Granola bars                              7 

Dips                                           7 

Kid's meals                                4 

Breakfast                                   5 

Lunch salad                               5

Lunch wrap                               5


How do I reheat the meals?

Your meals come with reheating directions.  All meals are fully cooked and can be ready to eat in just a few minutes.  Choose to have your meals delivered in individually packaged microwave-safe containers or packaged family style in one large foil oven-safe container.  


What size are the meals?

Our entrees are typically recommended as one adult serving with (5-6oz of protein).  Some of our customers find that they can split the meal into two servings for lighter eaters or 2 children. Our salads are large entree size salads (3 oz protein) that are great for lunch or even for dinner. The soups are a good lunch size, a light dinner or great split between two people as a starter.  Breakfasts, smoothies and kid meals are individual.  Fruit, crudités, dips, granola bars and other baked goods are sharable sizes.


Are the containers microwave safe?

Yes, the entrees are packaged in microwave safe containers unless you choose to have your meals packaged family style, which will then come in a large foil oven-safe container.  Reheating instructions are provided with each order.


Are your meals gluten free?

We are not in a certified gluten free facility.  Although many of our meals are already made (or can be made) with gluten free ingredients, we are in a shared kitchen space that may contain gluten.  We signify each meal that can be gluten "friendly” or wheat free with an *.  Please note in the special instructions on your order form if you or someone in your family has a food allergy or intolerance.


Are your meals dairy free?

Many of our meals are already made (or can be made) with dairy free.  These meals are signified with a ^.  In some cases, we can or already will be packing cheese on the side.  Please note in the special instructions on your order form if you or someone in your family has a food allergy or intolerance.


How does delivery work?

We deliver to your home on Monday afternoon (mostly before 5pm).  Your delivery comes in a Crave Cuisine insulated grocery bag along with either a reusable ice pack or a frozen soup.  If you are not home when we deliver, we will leave the bag on your front/back porch; just tell us what is best for you when you order.  We will send you a text that your food has been delivered.  We will pick up the bag and ice upon our next delivery. Just leave the bag & ice outside near your door.


Can you deliver on another day?

In some cases, we realize you may be traveling on Monday.  Please let us know if this is the case and we will talk to you about setting up a separate Tuesday delivery for $10 additional dollars (changes based upon your location).  We also are part of the network.  They can offer delivery of our meals on Monday evenings and Tuesdays.  You can order from many other artisians on this site as well!


Where do you deliver & how much does it cost?

We currently deliver to your home or office in downtown Chicago, Evanston, Wilmette, Kenilworth, Winnetka, Glencoe & Glenview for a $5 fee.  If you live outside of this area, please click on the Artizone link on our "Weekly meal delivery" page and they will reroute you.  Delivery through Artizone is $5.95 for orders under $120, free for orders over $120.


Is there sales tax added?

Yes, we are required to charge sales tax at a rate of 2.25%.  This is added to your bill before the delivery charge.

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